The Panoramic Views

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Panoramavägen is, arguably, Sweden’s best kept secret.

The 324 kilometer (200 mile) scenic journey from Östersund to Trondheim will entice you to stop at every opportunity, offering breathtaking views of Sweden’s mirror lakes, local wildlife, and unmatched mountain-peak skyline.

What to see

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Whether you’re looking for a picturesque trip from Östersund to Trondheim, or simply interested in Mother Nature’s finest work, we invite you to explore and dream through the quiet lake-hugging roads of Panoramavägen. Enjoy a hike up the 845 meter (2 772 foot) peak of Suljätten, stop at any one of the many coffee shops, or wander through the misty forests where the Tännforsen waterfall is nestled; taking Panoramavägen is really the one time you’ll want to take the scenic route.

Where to stay

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Whether you’re interested in lakeside camping or caravanning, weekend getaways in your own private cabin, or mountain-top luxury, Panoramavägen offers various accommodations to suit your style and budget. Check out Kallsedets FjällcenterKolåsen Fjällhotell and Anjans Fjällstation for more information.